20 Nov 2023

Prevention Australia Magazine Feature: How to get over your fear of mammograms

This crucial screening is a total of 20 seconds of squish and it can save your life. Here’s how to ease the pain and your nerves.

Mammograms are the single most important tool for finding breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage, says Sydney-based breast surgeon Dr Sanjay Warrier.

In fact, since BreastScreen Australia began offering free screening mammograms to Australian women in 1991, breast cancer mortality has almost halved. The program offers free mammograms every two years to women aged 40 and over who don’t have any breast symptoms, and women aged 50–74 (the age group in which more than 75% of breast cancers occur) receive an invitation from BreastScreen every two years to attend for a mammogram.

Still, there are a number of reasons why many women avoid mammograms, even when they should get one. For many, it comes down to fear – the fear of getting bad news, of course, but even more so the fear of pain.

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