Your First Appointment

You have just seen your GP and have been advised to make an appointment with a breast surgeon. You may have a diagnosis of breast cancer, a suspicious lump, or something else that requires specialist review. Making that initial phone call can be difficult and can feel overwhelming, but feel assured that my team is here to help you by listening to your needs and helping to put you at ease at this time.

During your first phone call with my team they will ask you some basic questions to book you into our clinic, and we may ask why you would like to come and see us so that we can establish the urgency of the appointment.

On the day of your first appointment you will need to bring with you your GP referral letter, any films or recent scans, as well as any biopsy results. On occasions, your GP may have already faxed or emailed through the referral so don’t worry if you don’t have it. It can be helpful to write down any questions that you have so that you can find out as much information as you need when you attend. Feel free to come to the appointment either by yourself, or with a family member or friend (or both). That decision is purely up to you, whatever makes you feel more at ease.

At the first appointment your surgeon will go through your symptoms and results with you and work out what we need to do to assist you.