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We are privileged to be able to offer help to patients at what can be a very difficult time in their lives. Along with my caring team, I want to establish a positive and hopeful outlook among all my patients and their carers.

Malignant and Benign Breast Conditions

Some tumours of the breast are benign and when this occurs, doctors will usually leave it rather than remove it. While such tumours are usually not ...

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Breast Conserving Surgery

This type of surgery aims to conserve breast tissue by removing only the cancerous tissue, so that the breast looks normal even after the operatio...

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Oncoplastic Techniques

This type of surgery merges cancer surgery and plastic surgery, helping to address tissue defects and improve the look and feel of the breast. Some ...

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Breast Reconstruction

If you have a mastectomy, there are many options for breast reconstruction surgery, to recreate the shape of the breast following a mastectomy or, o...

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A/Prof Sanjay Warrier


Sanjay is a empathetic and highly-respected Consultant Breast Surgeon based in Sydney, Australia. He is currently a Council Member of Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (previously President) and is a Visiting Medical Officer at BreastScreen NSW.


Sanjay isĀ  a committed researcher in breast cancer medicine and surgery and has presented at many international medical conferences. He has contributed his pioneering medical knowledge & experience to hundreds of peer-reviewed medical research papers advancing the field of breast cancer treatments & medicines.

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Our Patients Journey

We are proud to be able to offer help to patients at what can be a very challenging time in their lives. Along with our caring Warrier Practice team, we want to establish a positive and hopeful outlook among all of our patients and their carers.

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