23 Dec 2022

Opening of New Breast Clinic in Bondi Junction

In response to growing demand for breast health services, I have opened a new breast cancer consultation clinic in Bondi, Sydney.

The new clinic, which has been running for a few months now, is located at the Bondi Junction Medical Practice, 231 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction and provides an additional location for people to visit me for issues involving breast health.  The location is centrally located next to Westfield Bondi Junction and includes ample nearby parking and public transport options.

The Bondi clinic will provide my patients with more options when they need to book in to see me.  For many it will be more convenient than having to travel into my surgical practice at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Camperdown.

Breast health is a broad and complex area ranging from minor issues through to life changing conditions, and it impacts people of all ages.

Women, and men, commonly experience a range of breast health issues throughout their life.  Many of these are caused by hormonal changes that can cause pain and discomfort and issues such as mastitis, infections, fibrocystic breast changes, cysts and more.  In addition, some medications can also contribute to breast pain.

Breast augmentation is also another area where problems can occur due to issues with implants. In fact, breast implants require life-long regular checks and screening. These need to be done by a practitioner who understands the issues and risks associated with implants.

I have established a service for patients with breast implants who require regular check-ups as well as assistance for other issues involving implants including corrective surgery and implant removal.  This service will be available in my new clinic at Bondi as well.

While most people think the worst when they experience a problem, the reality is that very few issues turn out to be breast cancer.  However, when it comes to breast health issues, it is best to see someone with the knowledge and experience to address and resolve them, and importantly, rule out anything sinister like breast cancer.

Being able to see someone local is a huge benefit for people who are experiencing breast health issues and I am pleased to be a part of the local Bondi community.

Feel free to contact us for further information about consultations on our Contact Us page.