05 Oct 2023

Malaysia Today Feature: Breast reduction surgery on the rise and being shared across TikTok

Women who have undergone an operation are increasingly speaking out to share their experiences. As a result, the hashtag Breast Reduction has accumulated 1.5 billion views.

Backaches, shoulder pain, discomfort, difficulties wearing certain garments or taking part in sporting activities, there are many reasons why women opt for breast reduction surgery.

Dr Sanjay Warrier, a Sydney, Australia-based surgeon and consultant specialising in breast surgery, has noticed a marked increase in the number of women requesting this procedure at his practice.

Typically, patients turn to it because they’ve been suffering for years.

Many patients with large breasts that seek breast reduction surgery report that they have suffered for years with back and shoulder pain.

In the USA, breast reduction is also increasingly in demand. In 2022, some 71,364 procedures, compared with 46,340 in 2019, an increase of 54 percent.

Because beyond resolving one or more medical or aesthetic problems, for many women such a procedure brings a more general sense of well-being.

For several, breast reduction has helped them build up self-confidence, thanks in particular to the ability to wear more types of clothing without feeling self-conscious.

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