20 Apr 2017

Introducing the Spy Elite System

I am delighted to share with you an important new technology in the improvement of cancer treatment – the SPY Elite System, technology I am pioneering in my theatres in Australia.

The SPY Elite system is the most advanced fluorescence imaging system technology available to accurately detect unhealthy or dead skin cells, known as necrosis. Necrosis is prevalent in cancer patients, however cannot be detected by the naked eye.

SPY works by creating real-time imaging showing a green dye, known as indocyanine green, or ICG, injected into a tissue area, which highlights any necrotic cells present.

The technology assists surgeons during breast reconstruction procedures to identify healthy blood flow around remaining tissue, assisting with decisions for immediate breast reconstruction following breast-gland removal.

Through SPY technology, we are able reduce the costs and burdens associated with breast cancer surgery through improved surgical success, meaning a better outcome for our patients.

For information on whether SPY can assist with your breast cancer treatment, please contact my staff on 02 8514 0793 or by emailing reception@drsanjaywarrier.com.au.