30 Jun 2016

Important Resources for Prevention and Treatment

I was looking at the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation website recently, and was really pleased to see the good resource material posted there to both help prevent and to treat cancers. See the link here: https://www.sbcf.org.au/ and look particularly under the Resources section.

Among the wide range of resources on the site, is a link to BreastScreen Australia. I was glad to see the reminder to all women to take advantage of the free mammograms for those over 40 years of age through BreastScreen.

Early detection through breast inspections & examinations is the best way to find breast cancer early. This means treatment can start as early as possible.

Some women are turned off by the idea of mammography. But it only takes a short time, and is done by well-trained, pleasant staff. And it is a great way to take action to head off future problems.

I recommend you check through the Resources area of the Sydney Breast Cancer foundation website to look at the screening program, and find out where you can go in your region to take advantage of this. There are more than 500 screening locations around Australia.

It only takes a small part of your day to take this good step for your health and wellbeing – and it’s free!