21 Sep 2023

NEWS.COM.AU Feature: Breast reduction surgery proving to be a life-changing treatment for many women

In Australia, Medicare rebates claimed for breast reduction surgeries have surged by more than 200 percent in the last three years.

An increasing number of women are sharing their breast reduction surgeries on social media including before and after photos and videos to show others the positive impact the surgery has had on their life.  They state that the surgery has changed their life, reduced back pain, and increased their confidence.

“What we have seen in our practice is ultimately patients seeking surgery with one of two main expectations – the patient seeking reduction for functional reasons (typically due to large breasts), or the patient looking for a more youthful look,” Associate Professor Warrier said.

Often women request breast reductions because they’ve been in pain for years.

Many patients with large breasts that seek breast reduction surgery report that they have suffered for years with back and shoulder pain.

Larger breasts can create real strain on some women’s bodies. The main one is the weight of the breast and real strain on the body, in particular the shoulders and back.

“With time, the strain on the back can also impact the spine as well. Hence the increasing desire for patients, over time, to consider having surgery for functional reasons.”

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