18 Nov 2016

World-renowned surgical oncologist collaboration

A wonderful part of my job is meeting and working with inspiring specialists at the top of their field. Of no exception to this is Parisian Oncoplastic Surgeon Dr Krishna B. Clough.

Dr Clough is a world-renowned surgical oncologist and a pioneer in the concept development of oncoplastic surgery techniques and founder of France’s first breast care centre, The Paris Breast Centre, which is now the leading private institution in breast cancer surgery in France.

Through Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, I have the pleasure of collaborating with Dr Clough for a series of patient consultations and surgeries as well as speaking at a Lifehouse seminar on Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery.

I believe that no matter our level of skill or our profession, we are always learning. I learn every day from my patients and peers and I’m really looking forward to making the most of Dr Clough’s visit and working together to continue to ensure the best possible outcome for my patients.