23 May 2016

​Top Tips for Choosing the Best Cancer Care

So you have just had the difficult talk with the doctor. It’s not the answer you wanted. You have been sent away with a handful of brochures with some difficult decisions to make.

What happens when you emerge from the shock?

Positive talk, and help and support are crucial at this stage. Friends and family need to be around.

A frustrating evening of web searching is understandable. Don’t consult Dr Google! There are some great web sites with useful material. Two are www.sbcf.org.au and www.nbcf.org.au.

However too much web surfing can lead you to a situation in which you have more questions than answers.

I would urge you to look for practitioners with the following attributes:

  • Experience
  • Research background
  • A clinic with easy access and friendly staff
  • Someone recommended by friends and family members, word of mouth is good
  • Make sure the practitioner you choose is a good communicator – you want to be able to ask questions and get real answers.

We are always interested in your thoughts and feedback as you go through this difficult time.

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