21 Oct 2016

SBCF Ladies Lunch helps fund cancer research

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Ladies Lunch – a day of sharing knowledge, support, and stories of survival.

Every day in my job I see the important work that the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation (SBCF) does in providing benefits to patients at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – from personalised support through a breast care nurse, to shower cards and chemotherapy packs.

I have also been a beneficiary of the SBCF through its links with funding important research. Thanks to the funding of SBCF I was able to present my masters overseas.

More recently, off the back of successful tissue bank funding, the Foundation is taking its research support to the next level.

As part of the SBCF research group, which has strong collaborative links with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, we are working to improve the outcomes of sub-groups of breast cancer patients with lower survival and success rates than other strains, known as the triple negative subgroup.

Through our research we hope to unlock the key to how to improve treatment and survival in this important subgroup of breast cancer patients.

As well as being a fantastic, fun and moving event, the funds raised from the SBCF Ladies Lunch are helping to support this exciting advancement in understanding breast cancer in all its forms.

Thank you again to the SBCF, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, and all the speakers, donators and attendees who made this year’s event so special. I am truly grateful and inspired.