Getting the facts straight – alcohol and breast cancer

We’re often presented with conflicting information about alcohol.

Despite being told red wine is good for the heart, or that particular spirits have anti-ageing or healing properties, we know that generally alcohol isn’t good for us.

But what about alcohol and cancer?

It’s a little known fact that alcohol consumption is actually linked to multiple forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

According to new Australian research by Cancer Council Victoria, just one standard drink of alcohol a day could be enough to increase the risk of reoccurrence of breast cancer in survivors.

This is because beer, wine and spirits can increase the levels of oestrogen and other hormones in the body associated with breast cancer development. It may also increase the risk of reoccurrence by damaging your DNA cells.

It is therefore important, especially for breast cancer survivors, to lower alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some delicious suggestions to alcohol alternatives, courtesy of

  • Freeze your favourite juice in an ice tray and use as ice cubes. This looks especially appealing in a pint glass of club soda or sparkling water.
  • Get creative and make a dramatic mocktail using edible flowers preserved in syrup — you can even eat the flower afterwards.
  • Put fresh organic raspberries or strawberries in the bottom of a champagne flute and top with sparkling water or ginger ale.
  • Put chunks of fresh fruit on a drink stirrer and put into a glass of your favourite non-alcoholic beverage.