17 Mar 2024

Eastern Suburbs Mums Feature: Why diet is so important when it comes to breast cancer

Nutrition is vitally important when undertaking treatment.

It can be very daunting when you are diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a scary and anxious time for you and your family and friends. You can feel like your world has spiralled out of control. These are totally normal feelings.

Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier emphasises that during this time it is important to be kind to yourself and take charge of the things that you can control, one of which is your nutrition and lifestyle.

Certain foods like processed and smoked meats have been linked to cancer, so it’s best to avoid those foods. There are also some foods like unpasteurised milk and juices, soft cheeses like feta and brie, and refrigerated meat spreads like pate that are generally marked as not advisable to consume if you’re going through chemotherapy.

“Whenever possible, please try to choose fresh whole ingredients. You can easily swop out white bread for whole grain bread and use brown rice instead of white rice. These small changes can increase your nutritional intake, while giving you a similar food experience.

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