29 Nov 2017

Breast cancer hand-held imaging a step closer

An Australian invention that aims to improve the accuracy of breast cancer surgery has secured funding for medical trials.

Developed by biomedical engineers at the University of Western Australia, this hand-held imaging probe helps to identify tumours in real-time during a breast cancer patient’s first surgery.

In many cases, surgeons still have to rely on feeling for cancerous cells during surgery, which can unfortunately mean some of the cancerous cells are left behind.

If successful in its trials, this new tool would lead to a lesser need for follow-up surgeries, and therefore, more affordable and less invasive treatment for patients.

In the meantime, my team and I are fortunate to be able to provide our patients with the SPY Elite System, technology I am pioneering in my theatres in Australia.

Through SPY technology, we are able reduce the costs and burdens associated with breast cancer surgery through improved surgical success, meaning a better outcome for our patients.

For information on whether SPY can assist with your breast cancer treatment, please contact my staff on 02 8514 0793 or by emailing reception@drsanjaywarrier.com.au.