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Are you concerned about ALCL?

If you have breast implants and are concerned about the possibility of anaplastic large cell lymphoma get in touch now for an expert consultation at my Breast Implant Screening Service.

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Our Patients' Journeys

I am privileged to be able to offer help to patients at what can be a very difficult time in their lives. Along with my caring team, I want to establish a positive and hopeful outlook among all my patients and their carers.


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Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier


Sanjay is a dedicated and compassionate highly respected Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon. He is a current Council member for Breast Surgeons of Australia New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ) and is the immediate past President (May 2019 until May 2020). His rooms are located at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Macquarie Street, Sydney. He is also a Visiting Medical Officer at BreastScreen NSW

Sanjay is an Associate Professor of the University of Sydney with the Royal Prince Alfred Academic Institute. He is lead researcher at the Institute with goals of developing and creating a culture of academia within the Breast Department.

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News & Blogs

Quarterly Newsletter - Autumn 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE

14 May 2020
Quarterly Newsletter - Autumn 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE
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How the team is staying fit and healthy during Covid-19

11 May 2020
While we’re all spending a lot more time in or close to our homes, we wanted to…
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